Alcohol-free ‘whiskey’ hits the store shelves

The inherent silliness in something called alcohol-free whiskey goes on.

A report on a website called North America Business Review touts "the world's first, alcohol-free whiskey-flavored drink ... seen now on grocery store shelves by the name ArKay."

The ArKay process, according to spokesperson Sylvie Seguinaud, has the appearance, taste, and aroma of traditional whiskey.

"Traditional whiskey," presumably means actual whiskey. ArKay, however, is "produced with no alcohol at all in the first place."

So, it's alcohol free, right?

Well, not exactly..

Seguinaud told the website that ArKay's "de-alcoholized liquid may still contain fragments of alcohol, so it is not always the right answer for people with medical conditions, with certain religious beliefs, or with other personal reasons."

So, it's "de-alcoholized" even though it is "produced with no alcohol in the first place"? Right.

Seguinaud says it took five years of research and tastings to create the whisky-flavored alternative, and the proprietary recipe follows U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. The 32-ounce bottle sells for $15 and is available online.

ArKay Cola, a pre-mixed version, is scheduled to be on store shelves within a month or so.


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