Glengoyne expanding its whisky portfolio

The Glengoyne brand has been repackaged and expanded.

Three new malts have been added to the holdover lineup.

The new malts are a premium 15 year old, a cask strength that replaces the current 12-year-old cask strength, and a new 18 year old replacing the current 17.

The whiskies, which will come on the market in November in the UK and presumably in the U.S. soon after, are finished in Oloroso sherry casks.

Neil Boyd, UK commercial director for Ian Macleod Distillers which owns the brand, said, "We’ve been working on the enhancement of the Glengoyne range over a long period of time. At a time when the industry is squeezing every last liter out of their distilleries, we hold true to our craft ... by distilling slower than anyone else in Scotland."

The suggested retail prices are $75 for the cask strength, $77 for the 15 year old, and $120 for the 18 year old.

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