Getting satisfaction, at $6,300 a bottle

The Rolling Stones, who seem to have been on the public scene forever, are celebrating their 50th anniversary as a rock band this year.

To mark the occasion, Suntory Liquors of Japan is creating a special-edition whiskey to mark the occasion.

There should be little problem identifying the bottle, shaped in the form of the Rolling Stones' tongue and lips emblem.

Six whiskies -- with each selected from a significant time in the band's history -- are being used to create the spirit. Production was limited to a mere 150 bottles, priced at $6,300 each.

A 1962 Yamazaki represents the year the band was formed. A 1971 whiskey pays tribute to the introduction of the tongue and lips logo. A 1972 Yamazaki malt will mark the year of release of the album “Exile on Main St.” The other whiskies will be a Hakushu malt and a Chita grain, both from 1990, when the Stones made their first trip to Japan.

The limited edition will go on sale this week.

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