In Wyoming, bigger the town, bigger the bar list

Headed for the wilds of Wyoming? If so, and you like a drink with your meals, be aware of the latest legislation and select your destination communities accordingly.

The state's House of Representatives recently passed House Bill 83 to create a new type of liquor license for restaurants. Representatives earlier rejected an amendment that would have required those restaurants to be smoke-free.

Current Wyoming law favors smaller communities by giving them proportionately more liquor licenses than larger ones communities. The number of bar-and-grill licenses allowed to communities under HB 83's formula is:

Up to 7,500 population, one license; 7,501 to 15,000, two licenses; 15,001 to 27,000, three licenses; 27,001 to 40,000, four licenses; 40,001 to 52,500, five licenses; 52,501 to 65,000, six licenses.

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