'Energized' cocktail mixers for the Jetset

Cocktail mixers -- whether ready to drink or part of a process -- are on the rise.

As always, when any product niche tries to curry favor with consumers its manufacturers look for a new angle. A San Francisco company called Jetset Beverages Inc. has come up with a line of "energized" cocktail mixers: Energy Club Soda, Energy Tonic Water, Energy Ginger Ale and Original Energy Flavor.

“We like to think that Jetset lifts consumers’ spirits by giving them the opportunity to enjoy their favorite cocktail with an energy kick,” said Jeff Silver, Jetset president and CEO. “We offer a premium product designed to mix with your favorite spirit or enjoy on its own as a great tasting and energizing drink.”

Jetset Energy Mixers are enhanced with a blend of guarana, ginseng, taurine and caffeine. The company also plans to introduce a line of diet options.

As Silver notes, "The multi-billion dollar energy drink market has experienced explosive growth over the last several years, growing in excess of 47% in 2006. In contrast, the mixers market has been characterized by slower growth and relatively little innovation. Jetset Energy Mixers combines the best of both of categories to create an exciting new energy mixer market."

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Jessica Strelitz said...

I enjoy your blog. Very informative.

gwen sutherland kaiser said...

yup, you've always got some interesting stuff on here...