A new tequila joins the anniversary dance

The tequila field is expanding nearly at the same pace as vodka. Which is to say, at an astonishing rate.

The latest brand is MuchoTE, a super premium reposado produced in limited quantities, produced by an entrepreneurial set of twins from Denver, CO, identified only as "Will and Dave." The tequila is distilled in Arandas, a small city in Mexico's Jalisco state.

Their launch gimmick is that the agave spirit will be introduced on Tequila.net, the agave online site celebrating its first anniversary on Dec. 12. MuchoTE is scheduled to be on store shelves on Dec. 26. However, it will be made available to Tequila.net members as a reserved inaugural, limited production bottle prior to the release date.

An online virtual tasting is scheduled for Jan 29, 2008, when Tequila.net members can discuss the new brand online and talk with the brand owners.

MuchoTE Tequila Reposado is aged for more than six months in American whiskey and sherry oak casks. The suggested retail price will be under $30.

Darin ("Mr. Agave") Jones, founder of Tequila.net, said of his company's Dec. 12 anniversary, "It has been a wonderful and productive year. In 12 short months we have added over 500 reviewable listings, including tequila, mezcal and sotol products. Our members have submitted over 350 reviews, along with news articles, links, and suggestions. There are close to 200 links to brand and distillery web sites, 55 reviewable tequila bar listings, and 11 tequila-friendly liquor store additions."

Tequila.net is sponsoring the 2008 Agave Spirits Competition, scheduled for Cancun in February. Entries and awards will be listed on Agave.net, the Tequila.net companion site.

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