This tequila on the up and up

Things are on the upswing at Dos Lunas Tequila.

Its first releases, Dos Lunas Silver ($44.99) and Dos Lunas Reposado ($49.99), were marketed last year. The first was priced at $44.99, the second at $49.99.

Product No. 3, Dos Lunas Grand Reserve, is now being distributed at a slightly higher price: $2,500 a bottle.

Heaven only knows what the sticker will say on the fourth tequila, Dos Lunas AƱejo, scheduled for release next year.

Grand Reserve has been aged for 10 years in French oak casks that had been used for Spanish sherry, and is bottled in a numbered Baccarat decanter, kept in an ebonized wood box with an accompanying crystal stopper and sterling silver key and necklace.

Richard C. Poe II, founder of Dos Lunas, said: “In many ways Grand Reserve is closer to the finest single malts and cognacs than to other tequilas. We set out to create the world’s best tequila and that goal informed every decision that was made, from growth through production to packaging.”

Poe, an El Paso, TX, businessman, founded the company in 2005. Dos Lunas tequilas are distilled and bottled in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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