What do you serve at a kosher whiskey dinner?

You don't come across a selection of high-end kosher whiskies every day. You will if you head down to New York City to take advantage of the Kosher Wine Society branching out for a special whisky dinner scheduled for next Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Actually, most whiskies are kosher, but there are a few that require certification because of the grains used or the process. In general, bourbon, sour mash and rye whiskies are kosher. Many scotches are, as well, but blended whiskies need to be certified kosher.

The event, planned as an annual offering if this one draws well, will send 18% of the proceeds to support the Tikva Children's Home which cares for orphans from the Ukraine.

The five-course meal will be preceeded by an hour of passed hors d'oeuvres, then the meal by Ari and Gemma White of Gemstone Catering. The whiskies being paired with the food include:

1975 Dallas Dhu
1977 Highland Park
1979 Port Ellen 22 year old
1977 Glenmorangie
1960 Strathisla 44 year old
1974 Glenfarclas 31 yr OB

The dinner will be held at Mendys Galleria, 115 East 57th Street in Manhattan.
The Chicago Rabbinical Council has a handy guide to what alcoholic drinks are kosher or not.
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Asher, NYC said...

My wife and I went to this event and were blown away...great food, great whiskey, all for a great cause. kudos to everyone involved.

Gordon said...

Does anyone know when the next one of the these is? What are our kosher whisky options in the NYC area?