Newest Cuervo Vintage Reserve unveiled

Jose Cuervo, you are a friend of ... Fernanda Brunet.

Casa Cuervo has unveiled its 2008 Ultra-Premium Tequila Vintage Reserve, complete with a handcrafted wooden box painted by the popular Mexican artist.

Each year since 1995, the Cuervo family has selected a Mexican artist to paint the latest wooden box for its ultra-premium product, part of its ongoing program to support Mexican artists and local culture. Brunet, winner of the 2003 Acquisition Prize, has had her paintings exhibited internationally.

The 13th edition of the tequila, called Reserva de la Familia, is an aƱejo product made from 100% pure blue agave grown on the Cuervo estate. Only a limited number of Reserva de la Familia bottles are produced each year. The 2006 expression won a double gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The tequila is aged in new French and American charred oak barrels. Each bottle is numbered and dated, hand-dipped in wax, then placed in the wooden box. It is expected to be available in most of the U.S. beginning in March at a suggested retail price of about $100 per 750ml bottle.

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