Prepping a cocktail party in 15 minutes

Photo courtesy of ColinCowie.com.

That sounds impossible, but celebrity event-organizer/author/TV host Colin Cowie laid out the blueprint for it during an appearance on CBS. As the transcript says:

Ever feel like having a few friends over, but don't think you have the time to throw something together? Master entertainer Colin Cowie showed how to create an incredible cocktail party in just 15 minutes, on "The Early Show" Friday. He says it's easier than you think.

Cowie says, "The kitchen is the central system in the home and where people always end up when you entertain," so feel free to use it as you base area for your party.

You can do a couple of things the night before with your decor and cocktails.

You can here to view a video of the whole segment. Or, you can go here for the print version.

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