Those little old ladies of Makers Mark

Stereotypes are a funny thing. Sometimes they stem from reality. Other times they stem from ... a detachment from reality?

Sonja Kassebaum, who writes the North Shore Distiller's Journal for the distillery in Lake Bluff, IL, has some tips in the current issue on finding good offbeat buys at liquor stores. However, one item in particular sounded a sour note for me.

Here's the item:

Over-Dipped Wax

A bartender friend told us that every once in a great while the little old ladies who dip the Makers Mark bottles get to over-dip one of them, and sometimes they make it out of the warehouse. We saw one recently here in Chicago -- unfortunately it wasn't for sale.

Here's what the "little old ladies" who work the Makers Mark assembly line really look like, courtesy of some photos I shot while touring the Kentucky distillery last fall:

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