Cocktail World Cup in the works

It may be winter in New Zealand, but things are beginning to heat up in Queenstown.

That's where preparations are under way for the annual 42 BELOW Cocktail World Cup competition that will bring 42 bartenders from 18 countries to joust with each other for the top honors in the event, scheduled for a week beginning September 10.

Of course, it's all for the greater glory of the 42 BELOW vodka product as well as the individuals, but there's really nothing wrong with that. The event has contenders performing for crowds on an ice bar, mixing their signature cocktails that got them invitations. And, they also will be required to make cocktails while bungy jumping, dangling out of a helicopter and shooting down the Shotover River in a jet boat.

The grand finale event, on September 16, will be open to the public and the proceedings will be broadcast live on the Internet.

For a look at the past frenetic competitions in video form, go here.

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