GQ anoints America's 20 'best' cocktails

While I admire its aspiration to be the lead dog in the pack of magazines telling men how to dress, eat, drink and behave, I have difficulty with GQ because it insists we all should be untucked, unshaven, uncombed and generally unimpressive looking in a world in which women are expected to be sleek, stylish and perfectly coiffed.

GQ's idea of what a man should look like is precisely what we all laughed at when we were in our 20s.

That aside, any magazine that goes to the trouble of coming up with an illustrated guide to the 20 "best" cocktails currently being served in America has to be given its props.

Lest you think all such drinks are pricey, one that particularly caught my eye was The Margaveza (seen here) from a Brooklyn, NY, spot called Daddy’s. It's described as "a rock ’n’ roll bar tucked into an obscure block of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that’s staffed and patronized by obscure Brooklyn musicians."

The Margaveza was invented by Eric Copeland, of the band Black Dice when he was a bartender there. Says GQ's Will Welch, "It’s wildly simple: a 12-ounce bottle of Sol poured into a pint glass, topped with four ounces of frozen margarita, and garnished with a lime. All for five bucks. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?"

You can go to GQ's Men's Style.com site for the full particulars on the list, and some good pix to go with them.

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