Bill's eMailbox: Appraising Jack Daniel's collection

Q: I hope you can assist me. My father had a huge Jack Daniel's collection. It was his passion to collect Jack Daniel's (memorabilia). Sadly, he passed away two years ago. My mom has the collection at the moment.

Do you possibly have a contact of a Jack Daniel's assessor? We would love to find out what it is worth and maybe she would sell the collection.

Kind regards,

Lizelle Binneman
New Zealand

A: Well, Lizelle, you'll probably get as many different evaluations as there are appraisers when it comes to mixed memorabilia collections. The market for them varies widely, from people who collect only coasters or only bar signs or only figurines to people who collect anything with a specific name on it.

I would suggest contacting the public relations department at the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, TN, and ask them for the names of known, reputable collectors/appraisers. That way you'd have a much better chance of cutting through any confusion.

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