After 160-year drought, Lewis whisky shipped

The first whisky to be produced on Scotland's Isle of Lewis in 160 years was shipped off the island today.

However, the Abhainn Dearg Distillery's two-year-old spirit has to wait another 12 months before it can officially be called whisky.

Prior to releasing their first malt whisky in 2011 a small "Spirit Of Lewis" batch at 65% abv (130 proof) is to be bottled under a very limited release for malt whisky buffs.

MacSorley's Bar in Glasgow will also be the first bar in the world to sell the 2011 product to the general public and will be naming it the "Peacemaker batch." That's in honor of the bar's founder, Phillip McSorley, who founded the establishment in 1899 and blended and sold his own whisky, named "Peacemaker."

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Judy Macdonald said...

We are delighted to confirm that MacSorley's Bar purchased a small cask of Abhainn Dearg New Spirit, but would like to clarify that it wasn't two years old and it cannot be called whisky.

Although it takes three years for spirit to become single malt it can only do so if it is kept in cask in a bonded warehouse.

The "Spirit of Lewis" is the brand name of the soon-to-be-released limited bottling of New Spirit produced by Abhainn Dearg. This isn't from the same spirit as MacSorley's which was casked for the bar.

The Abhainn Dearg distillery was set up two years ago by owner Mark Tayburn.

Judy Macdonald
Abhainn Dearg Distillery

William M. Dowd said...

Thanks for the additional information, Judy. Please let us know how customers like the new whisky.