World's biggest vodka bottle on U.S. tour

Ah, the curves. The svelte shape. The alluring inner beauty. The attention-riveting outer appearance. And, the vodka bottle isn't bad either.

Oscar-nominated actress Sandra Bullock (right) was the first celebrity signer of what is being billed as the world's largest bottle of vodka, to be auctioned off for charity.

It's a marketing idea from Chopin, the maker of the super-premium Polish potato vodka named for the composer-pianist Frédérick Chopin (3/1/1810 to 10/17/1849).

The 200-liter bottle was made to mark the 200th anniversary of the iconic Polish composer's birth. It was unveiled this week at the Santa Barbara (CA) International Film Festival. Bullock, incidentally, won the festival's American Riviera Award, presented by Chopin.

The signed bottle now is being sent on tour across the country before being auctioned off with proceeds going to The GRAMMY Foundation's Music Preservation Project.

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