A new rum from a land of lobsters

There's a new American-made rum heading to market, and from a place most of us probably wouldn't expect.

Folly Cove Rum is made at the Ryan & Wood Distilleries facility at the Blackburn Industrial Park in Gloucester, MA, on Cape Ann just north of Boston.

The company was founded by Bob Ryan and Dave Wood, two local men who say they were inspired to get into the business after reading a story about a Vermonter making vodka from distilled maple sap.

They have attempted to honor the Cape Ann maritime heritage in their products. The Folly Cove rum is named for a rocky-bottomed cover that claimed numerous sailing ships over the years, particularly when they sought shelter there during rough weather. In more recent times, it has become a popular spot for lobster fishermen and sport divers.

Distiller Jim Cook already oversees Ryan & Wood's production of Knockabout Gin and Beauport Vodka, the latter being released just last summer.

The rum, bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), is made in small batches in a German-manufactured alembic copper pot still, then aged in white oak barrels.

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