KY's Glenmore Distillery reclaims its name

OWENSBORO, KY -- The former Barton Brands Ltd. is now officially The Glenmore Distillery again.

The distillery was purchased by The Sazerac Company in 2009. The Glenmore Distillery bottles such brands as Mr. Boston, Fleischmann, Firefly Ready-To-Drink Cocktails, 99 Brand and Chi-Chi’s, among others.

Since the Sazerac purchase two years ago, the company has spent $2 million dollars in capital investments for the facility, including new machinery and storage tanks. In addition, it has moved the bottling of several brands from other facilities there to take advantage of Glenmore’s modern bottling facility, resulting in the addition of a second shift.

Mark Brown, president and CEO of Sazerac Company, said, "We are even discussing a long term plan to add tours of The Glenmore Distillery ... which will bring in even more revenue in the community through tourism dollars. This site, linked with our tour operations at our distilleries in Bardstown [Barton 1792 Distillery, which just opened a visitor center] and Frankfort [Buffalo Trace Distillery] will make quite an interesting bourbon trek for bourbon fans and historians.”

The Glenmore Distillery has been a fixture in the Owensboro Community since the late 1800s. Originally called the Monarch Distillery, James Thompson re-named it The Glenmore Distillery after the Glenmore Castle near his birthplace in County Derry, Northern Ireland. During Prohibition, the distillery was one of just four distilleries in the country allowed to operate on a limited scale "for medicinal necessity."

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