New Beam Devil's Cut good from the wood

CLERMONT, KY -- Mellowing in wood is a "must" for bourbon. But Devil's Cut, a new style of bourbon from Jim Beam, has taken that to a new level by extracting the whiskey from the very pores of the wood itself.

"The barrel is the soul of any bourbon. It always has been," said Fred Noe, seventh-generation Beam family distiller and great-grandson of Jim Beam. "With Devil's Cut, we're breaking new ground by unleashing that trapped bourbon from the barrel and giving people a chance to really experience that bold flavor in a way that they never have before."

Once barrels are emptied, Beam is using a proprietary process to extract the richer, darker remainder from the wood itself. That extract then is put back into extra-aged six-year Jim Beam Bourbon to create the 90 proof (45% abv) Devil's Cut.

The name Devil's Cut is a play on the term Angel's Share, which refers to the amount of spirit lost during evaporation. While it is gone, the Devil's Cut is recaptured.

Devil's Cut now is being rolled out in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Ohio, North Carolina and Oregon, and will go nationwide in the summer.

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