There's something about vodka

These three news-budget items popped up today in sequence during a Google Alerts search for news involving vodka.

State police search for suspects in vodka theft

State police said they are looking for four people who stole $133.96 worth of vodka from a Summit Township liquor store on Wednesday night. Police said the theft happened at the Wine and Spirits shop at 7200 Peach St. at about 8:30 pm, when a man and ...

Three accused of fleeing Orono store after vodka theft
Bangor Daily News

ORONO, Maine — Police arrested three people late last week after they reportedly fled from the Orono Thriftway Food Center with a stolen bottle of Absolut vodka. Arrested were Hillary Reeder, 19, of Bangor, who was charged with theft ...

Man hides vodka in pants, and more

A 50-year-old homeless man was arrested at 1:17 pm May 12 on the 500 block of Metropolitan Way and charged with theft after he hid two bottles of vodka in his pants and walked out of the ...

These items, by the way, can't compete with the recent news about actor/drinks promoter Dan Aykroyd's vodka loss.

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