Drambuie introduces new premium version

Drambuie Liqueur has come up with a new blend of old Speyside malts called Drambuie 15.

It is a slightly drier expression of the standard liqueur, bottled at 43% abv (86 proof).

"We have more than 100 years experience in laying down malt reserves to be used in the production of Drambuie," said Cherie Koster, senior brand manager. "From these reserves we have hand-selected the very best rare 15-year-old Speyside malts to infuse with the elixir, creating a premium new product."

Drambuie 15 was introduced to coincide with the annual Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans. It now will be rolled out nationally. Suggested retail price is $56 for the one-liter bottle.

The original Drambuie was created more than 260 years ago exclusively for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. It is a unique combination of aged whiskies, heather honey and a proprietary blend of herbs and spices, a recipe kept secret since 1745. The name is from the Gaelic "an dram buidheach," meaning "the drink that satisfies."

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