'Orkney Inga Saga' 3rd bottling debuts

Earl Haakon, the third expression in the Highland Park distillery's "Orkney Inga Saga," is being released worldwide.

The first two bottlings in the series celebrated the influential 11th Century Earl Magnus who was canonized to become Saint Magnus only 20 years after his death. Haakon was the man who ordered the execution of Magnus.

Earl Haakon is an 18-year-old cask strength single malt, made in one vatting at 54.9% abv (109.8 proof). Only 3,300 bottles are being made available worldwide. They are available from specialist independent whisky retailers throughout the UK, at the Highland Park distillery and online at a price of £160 (US$261).

The bottle is black glass, made in the same way as the previous two bottlings, Earl Magnus and Saint Magnus, and is presented in an open black wood gift box.

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