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Rats! All these years I've been making my martinis the wrong way.

No, not that endless and unwinnable argument over proportions of gin or vodka to dry vermouth. This is about stirring a martini.

No, not that endless and unwinnable argument over clockwise or counterclockwise.

I speak here of the latest piece of scientific research that has concluded that the best way to stir a martini, particularly a vodka one, is with a wooden spoon.

According to an item in New Scientist Magazine, using a conventional metal cocktail spoon is not suitable for cool drinks because it is a good heat conductor and, thus, will tend to warm the drink a bit, more-so as the size of the spoon increases.

Another suggestion is that you should avoid shaking potato-based because, goes the logic, vigorous shaking will result in an oily after-taste.

So, students, to sum up, use a narrow wooden spoon, or wooden coffee stirrer or even a No. 2 pencil to work out your perfect martini. I know I will.

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