Glenora named Canada's top distillery

VICTORIA, BC -- A distillery that endured years of legal battles with the Scotch Whisky Association over such things as its very name has emerged with top honors in the 2nd annual Canadian Whisky Awards revealed Thursday.

Glenora Distillery, which has been in operation for about two decades, won "Distillery of the Year" honors. (Go here for the background on the maker of Glen Breton whisky and its travails with the SWA.)

Masterson's Rye, a Canadian whisky sold only in the United States, was awarded a gold medal, along with Gibson's Finest Rare 18 year old, Wiser's Legacy, Wiser's Small Batch, and Forty Creek-John's Private Cask No. 1.

John's Private Cask was tops in three categories -- Whisky of the Year, Best New Whisky, and Connoisseur Whisky of the Year.

Awards of Excellence also went to Highwood Distillers of High River, Alberta, for White Owl Whisky, Brown-Forman Corporation for Collingwood whisky, and Beam Inc. for Canadian Club. A full list of award winners is available online.

Masterson's Rye, released in the U.S. last summer, is made by Alberta Distillers Limited for the Sonoma, CA, firm. It will be made available in Canada sometime this year.

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