Bushmills releases honey-touched whiskey

Bushmills Irish Whiskey today announced the release of Bushmills Irish Honey, the latest such product dropped in that niche in the world market.

The new expression is based on Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey, a triple-distilled product of malted Irish barley and pure Irish water. It has an added touch of Irish honey "and other natural flavors" that creates a new aroma and warmer finish.

"In creating Bushmills Irish Honey, I wanted to make a blend that had a smooth finish enhanced by warm characteristics, and that maintained the great taste and aroma of our original blend," said Colum Egan, Bushmills master distiller. "We knew that Irish honey, in the right quantity, would be the perfect ingredient to bring the blend to life."

Bushmills whiskies are produced and aged at Ireland's oldest working distillery, located County Antrim, Ireland. The company is owned by Diageo, the international spirits company.

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