Which came first, protest or promotion?

Gerber (left) and Clooney. (Getty Images)
Hollywood superstar George Clooney, was arrested on March 16 for participating in a peaceful protest at the Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC.

At the same time, folks from his business entourage began talking it up that Clooney has teamed up with pal Rande Gerber, model Cindy Crawford`s restaurateur/husband, to create a new line of tequila.

Interesting how celebrity arrests and the like frequently coincide with business ventures.

The new product will be called Casamigos. Gerber said he and Clooney plan on "making the liquor available to all." I'm not sure what that means, unless it's a broad hint that it won't be priced at the premium level.

Gerber several weeks ago introduced Caliche, an aged white rum, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. His venture with Clooney, a separate activity, was briefly mentioned in the article but didn't get big media play until this week.

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