Connecticut closer to Sunday sales OK

HARTFORD, CT -- Legislation to end the ban on Sunday alcohol sales cleared a major hurdle today when it passed the General Law Committee.

The revised bipartisan compromise legislation allows for alcohol sales on Sunday and certain holidays; would allow retailers to own three liquor licenses, one more than now permitted, and a task force to study other potential liquor law reforms.

The bill now moves to the Joint Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee and then on to the full House and Senate where it must be approved by midnight on May 9, the last day of the legislative session. The bill would become effective upon passage for Sunday sales, and July 1 for all other measures.

"Bringing Connecticut’s alcohol laws into the 21st Century is a long-overdue modernization that will help give consumers the convenience they want and small businesses the opportunity to start growing,” said Jay Hibbard, vice president of the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. (DISCUS).

Connecticut and Indiana are the only states that still have restrictions on Sunday sales of beer, wine and spirits.

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