Join me for a chat and a tasting on public radio

Regular listeners of WAMC Northeast Public Radio's "The Roundtable" may have come across wine and beer tastings done on the air. The scope will be broadened to include spirits when I visit with host Joe Donahue next Thursday, March 15.

In addition to talking about my new book, "Barrels & Drams: The History of Whisk(e)y In Jiggers and Shots," I'll be bringing along some whiskies you won't usually come across, and we'll be sampling them and sharing our reactions. So, be sure you have pencil and paper -- OK, you can use tech gadgets to make notes if you must -- to jot down the names of these unusual spirits.

"The Roundtable" is broadcast from 9 a.m. to noon. I'll be on the air at 11:30 a.m. WAMC Northeast Public Radio is heard in seven states and Canada. You can pick the station frequency that best suits you from this list.

In addition, you can download interviews from the WAMC online archive. Thus, if you miss tuning in to this live program there's no excuse for not catching up later. So there.

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