2 new specialty vodkas released

A pair of vodka makers has added to their lines, something that has become a regular business activity for virtually all such distillers in the crowded market category.

Blue Ice Vodka today announced the release of Blue Ice G Vodka, a multi-grain recipe that is the third item in its portfolio along with the original Blue Ice Vodka, made from potatoes, and Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka.

The new iteration from owner 21st Century Spirits of California is packaged in the familiar raised-glass icicle bottle, but a red signature "G" for grains makes it stand out from its siblings.

Suggested retail price is $15 for the 750ml bottle.

Elsewhere, the Swedish potato vodka maker Karlsson’s has added Batch 2008 Gammel Svensk Röd to its portfolio.

Karlsson’s Gold is distilled from a variety of potatoes harvested on Cape Bjäre, Sweden. This new expression is made from a single strain of potato -- Gammel Svensk Röd, grown in the same region.

Because of the specificity of its base, it carries a higher suggested retail price -- $80 for the 750 ml bottle.

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