Book review: '99 Pot Stills'

"99 Pot Stills." Photos by Bill Owens & Andrew Faulkner. American Distilling Institute/White Mule Press.

Anyone at all acquainted with the distilling process knows a still when (s)he sees one. But, what they see can differ -- often greatly -- from venue to venue.

From gleaming bronze appliances with soaring graceful swan necks to rinky-dink apparatuses cobbled together in the backyard, a still is a still is a still. In other words, the operational theory remains the same no matter the design and style of the still.

Bill Owens, founder and president of the American Distilling Institute, and Andrew Faulkner put their collection of photos of various stills taken all over the country into this picture book. Even for the experienced distillery visitor, it has some eye-opening pictures. Here are some examples from the collection:

Black Heron Spirits, West Richland, WA.

Tom Cooper, Colorado Gold Distillery, Cedaredge, CO.
David Mahaffey with licensed experimental still.

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