Flyover tours of Scottish, U.S. distilleries

If you never have had the opportunity to tour some of Scotland's iconic distillery complexes, or even those in the U.S., the website called The Whiskey Wash has something that may be of interest.

It's a set of eight videos from drone flyovers of whiskey complexes that offer views you can't get even if you've been there on the ground. As the editors explain:

"There is something to be said for considering the size of the distillery that makes your favorite mainstream Scotch or bourbon. Most craft whiskey makers aside, a good number of whiskey brands are created on the grounds of rather large facilities which are almost impossible to see from the vantage of the visitor’s center. ... Some [of the videos] are notably scenic, while others are more just about seeing how such distilleries just eat up the landscape around them."

The Scottish venues include Bowmore (shown above), Bruichladdich, and one video covering eight other facilities on the island of Islay, plus Macallan and Old Taylor. The U.S. venues include T.W. Samuels, Old Turkey, and Old Willett, all in Kentucky.

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