Steel cans attention-getting whiskey vessels

StillhouseGiven the ever-increasing number of spirits coming to market in the U.S., smart distillers need at least two things for initial success: (1.) prominent retail store placement, and (2.) clever packaging.

Getting consumers to buy your product more than once is, of course, dependent on price and quality. But, scoring that initial purchase often relies on having an eye-catching container that can overcome even poor shelf positioning.

Adult beverages these days can be found in everything from traditionally-shaped bottles to squat little globes to human skull replicas to squared-off glass vessels to ceramic containers to Mason jars. Brad Beckerman, CEO and founder of the Stillhouse Spirits Company of Columbia, TN, decided he wanted to come up with something that would break out of that pack.

I think he has succeeded with how his portfolio of Stillhouse Original liquors is offered -- in 100% stainless steel cans.

The packaging is a creation from Sandstrom Partners, the Portland, OR, firm specializing in strategic brand design. In addition to standing out in the crowd, the deep-red steel container is unbreakable, lighter than glass, and recyclable.

Stillhouse's lineup now has six varieties of whiskey -- the 80-proof Moonshine, and the 69-proof flavored versions Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip, and Red Hot. Each is available in 20 states -- including New York -- and Washington, DC, priced at $28 per 750ml can.


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