Jameson 'Whiskey Makers Series' debuts in U.S.

Screen shot 2016-08-16 at 1.54.06 PMThe Irish distiller Jameson has just released to the U.S. market The Cooper's Croze, the first of three super-premium Irish whiskies from its "Whiskey Makers Series."

No word yet on when, or whether, the others -- The Blender's Dog and The Distiller's Safe -- will debut in the U.S.

The whiskey’s namesake –- the croze -– is a tool used to make the groove where the head of the barrel is positioned to seal the barrel.

The 86-proof whiskey (43% abv) itself was created by Jameson's fifth-generation head cooper, not head distiller, Ger Buckley to showcase the diversity of barrels at its Midleton, County Cork, facility. He used virgin American white oak charred barrels as well as seasoned bourbon barrels and Iberian sherry barrels to age the non-chill filtered spirit and impart fruit flavors as well as floral and spice notes.

Says Buckley, “I’ve created Jameson The Cooper’s Croze to show the versatility and profound influence barrels have on distinct whiskey flavors. Barrel making transcends generations, as I’ve used the same methods and tools passed down from my grandfather, that’s the beauty of the craft.”

The Cooper's Croze carries a suggested retail price of $69.99.

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