Be on the lookout for a vodka from ... Mongolia

Well, why not? Everyone else has gotten into the act.

A company called APU, which is the Asian nation's largest manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, plans to introduce a pair of its vodkas to the international market.

So, what's the gimmick? Every vodka maker needs one to stand out in the overcrowded field. APU plans to take advantage of its duty-free status to maintain a price advantage. Right now, APU's Soyombo is the leading high-end vodka sold in Mongolia, going for a bargain-rate $20 US. Its other brand is called Bolor, and sells for less than $20. Its top-selling vodka goes under the brand name of Chinggis Khaan.

Dambinyam Bolortsetgeg, APU head of export, told Drinks International, "Our strategy is based on two main factors: the first being the rapid sales growth of white spirits and vodka in the world with the trendy culture to drink cocktails. Secondly, Mongolia is getting significantly popular as a new travel destination among tourists. People are interested not only in our unique culture and untouched nature, but in ecologically clean products made here in Mongolia, too."

APU, founded in 1942, bottled 4 million litres of vodka and 18 million litres of beer last year.

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The Dark Tower said...

Hi Mr. Dowd,

I am interested in finding a bottle of Soyombo in New York, Long Island.

Google search found nothing.

As well as various online liquor distributors.

I am wondering how available this liquor is outside Mongolia?

Any help would be much appreciated.

William M. Dowd said...

Dear DT:

The only real export market for alcoholic products from the Mongolian drinks group APU (Bolor and Soyombo vodkas, various beers, etc.) is South Korea.

However, the company has begun exhibiting at international trade shows. Plus, it said earlier this year that it plans to use duty-free venues at a limited number of airports as a key part of a strategy to introduce its two vodka brands to international markets.

So, unless you're lucky enough to be traveling through one such airport, you'll have to exercise some patience.

The Dark Tower said...

Thank you,

Heres hoping and happy new year!