New Utah distillery on drawing board

The National Garage in Park City, UT, will become the home of High West Whiskey within the next year, part of a plan to move from temporary quarters to a permanent spot that also will host a restaurant and bar.

Owner/distiller David Perkins plans to have the new facility become one of the state's first legal whiskey distilleries since Prohibition.

"We started in earnest (on the distillery) three years ago," Perkins told the Park Record, a local newspaper. "We've reached a lot of milestones. From the get-go the city has been really supportive.

"This is an old livery building and some people think it should have been taken down a long time ago," he said. "The idea of taking something that was a garage and turning it into a living structure means a lot needs to be done."

Perkins agreed to pay the city more than $1.4 million for the garage and adjacent house. There, in addition to whiskey, he plans to make vodka, gin and scotch.

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