Grand Marnier Mixology Summit field open

The field is open for the 2009 Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit in Vail, CO.

Qualified bartenders may apply for admission by November 30 for the April 5-7 event at the Vail Cascade Resort Spa.

The event is exclusively for bartenders across the U.S., excluding Texas, for some reason. The aim, say the event organizers, "is to offer industry professionals an opportunity to showcase their creativity and skills, collaborate and learn with peers, and leave their mark on the art of mixology" for three days of consultation, mixology labs, panel discussions, cocktail events and networking.

From among the applications, 100 bartenders will be selected. To be considered, candidates must submit their application and recipes for Grand Marnier and NAVAN to MixologySummit.com before the deadline.

"Grand Marnier has always been a champion of mixology," said J.C. Iglesias, Grand Marnier brand director. "Next year's event will focus on the innovators and creative talent shaping mixology today. "

Grand Marnier and NAVAN have a long history of hosting events in Colorado. The first Grand Marnier winter event was held there more than 30 years ago.

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