Plan your Repeal celebration

December 5 will mark the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. Throughout the alcoholic drinks industry, parties, gimmicks and general hoopla will ensue.

If you're interested in an update on your Prohibition, Repeal or current alcohol laws information, or want to host your own Repeal Party, go to ProhibitionRepeal.com for some help.

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1 comment:

Kyle Roberts said...

With that, don’t forget to check out Tommy Guns Vodka and Tequila (the 1920s weapon of choice).

We are based in Chicago, and we own a restaurant where Al Capone used to bootleg and make bathtub gin. We are now a growing company that is in 22 states and more to come!

Our company was made to celebrate this special holiday. On our Web site we have several prohibition themed martinis, and we also have “speakeasy” cigars.

Please feel free to email me or just check our website, http://www.tommygunsvodka.com or kroberts@tommygunspirits.com .