Snickertini, Skittletini ... On it goes at Gizzmos

From Heritage Newspapers of Michigan:

WYANDOTTE, MI -- Most people have heard of the traditional martini, typically made of gin or vodka and dry vermouth. But what about a “Snickertini,” a “Skittletini” or “Flirtini?”

Gizzmos Martinis & Memories offers these and more than 47 other variations of the classic cocktail, including “The Spicy One,” made with vodka, olive juice, Tabasco and jalapeƱo olives; the “Almond Joy,” featuring coconut rum, creme de cocoa, hazelnut liqueur and white Godiva; and the “DD Dirty Dog,” its best seller, which contains Absolut vodka, olive juice and bleu cheese-filled olives.

Al Fritz (top), who has owned the bar since 2003, takes great pride in the fact that Gizzmos is more than a typical neighborhood bar.

[Go here for the full story.]

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