Springbank half-bottle may bring big bucks

A half-bottle of one of the world's rarest whiskies is expected to bring $6,400 to $9,600 at an upcoming auction in Glasgow, Scotland.

It's a 1927 Springbank, distilled by J&A Mitchell and Co. in 1900 and drawn in 1927, It will be among 500 bottles to be auctioned off at the McTear's Winter Rare Whisky Sale.

"You don't find too many half bottles coming to auction, but it is very rare indeed to find one of this quality," Andrew Bell, McTear's whisky specialist, told The Scotsman newspaper. "Springbank is an extremely collectable whisky, and I'm sure there will be a lot of interest in this outstanding example."

Also being offered at the February 3 event are a 1938 Macallan and a 1964 Bowmore.

Springbank was named "Distiller of the Year" in Whisky Magazine's "Icons of Whisky 2009."

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