Welcome to Hotel California

We're not talking an Eagles song here. We're talking about a tequila that won double gold in its first major competition now coming on the market.

Sipping Spirits LLC, headquartered in Glastonbury, CT, is launching its ultra-premium Hotel California Tequila -- initially in the Northeast and, of course, California. It is available in the full range of blanco, reposado and aƱejo expressions.

The brand won double gold in the 2009 International Spirits competition in San Francisco.

"With one taste of Hotel California Tequila, you will discover how evocative tequila can be. Silken, elegant floral, sweet, and toasted vanilla. It is a brand of exquisite, artisan tequila that will set a new standard of excellence,” said Paula Whitney vice president of Sipping Spirits.

By the way, a company representative tells me this Sipping Spirits company has no connection with one of the same name that produces Resolute Vodka in its boutique distillery in the Indian state of Goa.

Its Resolute Pink is infused with strawberries and raspberries. Its Resolute Black is dark from the infusion of the Black Catechu, an African-Burmese herb. And, its Resolute Crystal is a more traditional style of grain-based vodka, charcoal filtered.

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