Spirited art for the people

The Russian artist Yuri Gorbachev has been honored by having his work displayed in the Louvre in Paris and the White House in Washington, DC. However, his latest project is a bit more plebian.

Stolichnaya recently released a series of limited edition bottles of its vodka at Gatwick and Heathrow airports in London. The artwork was designed by Gorbachev.

He said of the design “It incorporates the four elements -- earth, air, water and fire -- that join together to make Stoli one of the world’s most distinctive vodkas. Earth and water feed the grain, which gains strength from the clean air, while fire represents the passionate spirit of Stoli.”

Vicki Gilmour of Blackjack Promotions, the agency handling the product rollout, said, said: "Our staff commented on receiving great feedback from the many passengers who sampled the cocktails, and if this wasn’t proof enough the ... bottles sold above target for the first month."

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