Tuaca unveils 'perfect chill' bottle

In cooking, feeding the eye before the palate is always a good idea. In selling spirits, more and more companies are subscribing to that theory as the competition for consumer attention increases.

The latest is Tuaca Liqueur, which is launching a limited-edition package featuring a thermochromatic ink printed on the bottle to showcase the perfect chilled serving temperature.

The new bottle will be available beginning October 1.

The label features a sketch of the Tuaca lion, designed by California celebrity tattoo artist Corey Miller. It turns from silver to blue as the bottle is chilled in a freezer or on ice, enhancing the flavor of the vanilla-citrus liqueur. As the bottle resumes to room temperature, the original light silver color returns.

Tracey Johnson, Tuaca brand manager, says, "The label was designed with not only the consumer in mind, but also on-premise bars and restaurants, as it will indicate the perfect temperature to serve Tuaca chilled or when combined with other ingredients ... ."

The Tuaca Perfect Chill Bottle will retail for $21.99 for a 750ml.

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