World's most expensive Scotch

OK, we get it. Things are getting more expensive, thanks to the global economic dip. But, $193,734 for a bottle of Scotch whiskey?

True, it's not just any bottle of whiskey. In this case it's "whisky" and it's a Dalmore 62, of which only a dozen bottles were released in 2002.

This makes it the world's most expensive whisky at £125,000, or $193K, and it's on sale at Singapore's Changi Airport. An unidentified 62-year-old Chinese businessman has agreed to pay that amount and already has put an $80,000 down payment, setting a world record.

As The Guardian of London comments, "Back in 2002 a bottle went for what then seemed an insane £22,000 and in 2005 someone bought a bottle at a hotel bar for £32,000 and drank almost all of it. But that was nothing. The lure of owning what no one else can now buy despite an immensely naff bottle which features a platinum stag's head is seemingly worth over £100,000 more than it was 10 years ago." To Dowd's Wine Notebook latest entry.
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