Jameson revamps its whiskey portfolio

Screen shot 2016-09-13 at 2.07.01 PMFrom Paste Magazine.com

Jameson is one of the classic bar shelf whiskeys, a gateway, “pint and a shot” staple through which many have become acquainted with whiskey in the first place. 

The brand has also dominated the Irish whiskey resurgence of recent years, accounting for slightly more than three-quarters of Irish whiskey sales in the U.S., according to International Wine And Spirits Research.

Yet the larger Jameson family of whiskeys had been something of a tangle, and earlier this summer the brand lineup was overhauled. The old, familiar Jameson Irish Whiskey went untouched, as did Jameson 18 Year Old near the top of the spectrum, but everything else got a shakeup.

Here is what to expect from Jameson’s other, more upscale offerings.

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