One time vodka and tequila mix well

One tequila involved
Normally, one might not be wise to mix vodka and tequila. But, in the case of business, it apparently is OK.

The Amber Beverage Group, a subsidiary of SPI Group that makes the iconic Stolichnaya vodka, this week announced it has made a “significant equity stake” in Fabrica de Tequilas Finos.

The tequila maker, a family-owned business established in 2000 in Jalisco, Mexico, has a portfolio of more than 20 brands, including Tonala, KAH, Don Camilo, Agave 99, and Zapopan. Amber's announcement said the deal will allow it to expand distribution in the U.S., Central America, and South America. No dollar amount was revealed.

SPI Group created the Amber entity two years ago as an umbrella for a lineup of distilling, packaging, and distributing companies. It now deals with about 500 spirits and wines in 160 markets.

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