World Wine & Spirits: The spirits winners

The results have just been released for the 2016 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition. For ease of reading, given the large number of categories, I have split the spirits and wines into two separate postings.

The "Best of" awards in the spirits categories, plus Best in Show when indicated (go here for the top wine winners):

Best Blended Scotch -- Alexander Murray & Company, Kirkland 24 Yr. Old.

Best Single Malt Scotch -- Cask Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, A.D. Rattray Ltd.

Best American Craft Whiskey -- Cedar Ridge Distillery Single Malt Whiskey

Best Gin and Best in Show Unaged White) -- Conniption Navy Strength Gin, Durham Distillery

Best Extra Aged Rum, Best Rum, Best in Show Aged White -- Ron Cartavio XO Rum, Ekeko Distribution

Best Reposado Tequila -- Familia Camarena Reposado Tequila, E&J Gallo

Best Vodka -- New Amsterdam Vodka, E&J Gallo

Best Small Batch Bourbon, Best Bourbon -- J. Henry & Sons Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Patton Road Reserve

Best in Show Liqueur -- Island Products Crème de Cacao, Island Products

Best Straight Bourbon -- Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Jos. A. Magnus & Co.

Best in Show Unaged White -- Long Road Aquavit, Long Road Distillers

Best Rye Whiskey --  OYO Dark Rye Pumpernickle Whiskey, Middle West Spirits

Best Other Single Malt Whiskey, Best in Show Whiskey -- Moylan’s Cask Strength Port Barrel Finish Single Malt Whiskey, Moylan’s Distilling Co.

Best Cachaca -- Cachaca Goga de Ema, SKL Medeiros Ferreirra

Best Blanco Tequila, Best in Show Tequila -- Santera Blanco Tequila, Santera Tequila

Best Dark/Gold Rum -- Acote 3 yr. Old Rum, The Sugarcane Co.

Best Flavored Gin -- Tommyrotter Distillery Cask Strength Bourbon Barrel Gin, Tommyrotter Distilling

Best Cream Liqueur -- St. Michel Caramel Cream au Cognac Liqueur, Vallein Tercinier

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