New Jim Beam Double Oak an aged-twice spirit

Being the top-selling bourbon in the world may make for a comfortable perch in the spirits industry, but Jim Beam isn't resting on its laurels.

The Kentucky distiller has just released a new product called Jim Beam Double Oak. Like the basic four-year-old Jim Beam white label, it is aged in charred American white oak barrels as required by federal regulation. However, it then is poured into another freshly charred barrel to mature for a second time, creating a whiskey that is deeper in notes of oak and caramel.

The distiller does not specify how long the second maturation takes place, only that "When the bourbon reaches the right taste profile it is removed and bottled."

Double Oak is finished at 43% alcohol by volume (abv), or 86 proof compared to the white label's 80 proof. It is hitting retailers' shelves this month at a suggested price of $22 for the 750ml bottle.

The rest of the Beam bourbon portfolio includes Jim Beam Original, Single Barrel, Distiller's Masterpiece, Black, Bonded, Devil's Cut, Red Stag Black Cherry, Apple, Honey, Maple, Kentucky Fire, Jacob's Ghost, and Craft Harvest Collection, as well as Jim Beam Rye.

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