Lack in the (ex) USSR

Nyet, nyet, a thousand times nyet.

Yet, it's true. Russia is running out of vodka. Stock has been depleted at many distilleries.

”As of today, some branches of Rosspirtprom (the state alcohol company) have sold all product made (in the) past year. Moscow Cristall has terminated the shipment as well, as its warehouses are empty,” Rosspirtporm's Dmitry Dobrov told Interfax, the Russian business and general news service.

At the start of the year, the distilleries were selling vodka they had produced in late 2005. Very quickly, they ran through stocks. Production has been idled because of a controversy over government failure to properly introduce a revised act on the state control of alcohol turnover, which took effect Jan.1 of this year.

Desperate buyers, such as those seen here at the EuroSpar store in Nizhny Novgorod, have been snapping up whatever domestic vodka they can find.

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