New beverages from Heaven

Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc. is hitting the market with several new offerings.

First, the Bardstown, KY, company is releasing a pomegranate liqueur called PAMA that it has been testing in New York, Miami, Chicago and Southern California. The sweet/tart flavor comes from the use of all-natural California pomegranates.

Then, it will add Two Fingers Lime and Two Fingers Berry to its tequila-based Two Fingers Gold and Silver line. The beverages, which are 35 percent alcohol volume, are made of tequila distilled from agave plants from Mexico's Los Altos region in the Jalisco Province where farmers have grown agave for more than 100 years. Natural flavorings are added to the mix.

"The groundswell of interest in the pomegranate, combined with consumer's desire for new, mixable and colorful spirits, made this the perfect time to launch PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur," said Kate Latts, Director of Marketing for Heaven Hill marketing director.

Heaven Hill Distilleries produces and markets a portfolio that includes such brands as Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey, Hpnotiq liqueur, Whaler's rum and Burnett's gin and vodka.

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