Glenmorangie gets gussied up

Glenmorangie is aiming to increase its share of the Scotch whisky market. So, what better way to start than sprucing up the old package?

As reported in The Scotsman, the West Lothian-based whisky group has unveiled a new brand identity as part of a "multi-million-pound" drive to boost its global presence and help it capture a bigger slice of the growing worldwide malt whisky market: a new "contemporary and stylish look, but still based on the drink's Gaelic roots," including sculpted new bottles, new packaging, a new emblem and a new product range.

The whisky's new emblem, the "Signet," was inspired by the Cadboll Stone, an ancient Pictish standing stone originally sited on the estate of Glenmorangie House in Ross-shire, close to where the whisky has been distilled since 1843.

Glenmorangie (the Gaelic expression for "Glen of Tranquility") also expanded its bottling operation at Broxburn, adding 10 jobs to increase its total bottling payroll there and at its other distilleries in Tain, Islay and Elgin to 400.

Simon Erlanger, Glenmorangie's sales and marketing manager, said malt whisky was one of the fastest-growing spirits categories in the world.

"This is a massive commitment by the company," he said. "We want to get more than our fair share of the newer markets but we also want to grow the market share in established markets."

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